Flat Fee Rates

Katherine Sullivan, PLLC, understands the need to know expenses upfront. This is why the firm offers flat fee rates for certain IP protection.

Katherine Sullivan, PLLC, offers both flat fee pricing and traditional hourly billing depending on the type and complexity of the project. 


Why use flat fee pricing instead of hourly billing?

Flat fee pricing is predictable and accommodates the client’s budget! This law firm values client relationships and candid communication, both of which are enhanced by a fixed fee. Overall, with flat fee pricing, the attorney’s and client’s interests are aligned – efficient and effective work becomes the name of the game, without worry about the cost of sending an email or making a phone call.


How does flat fee pricing work?

The client’s goals and needs are discussed with the attorney in advance, a solution is crafted, and a value-based price is established. This price is set before work begins, allowing the client to understand expenses up front. As new legal needs arise, another discussion can take place, or hourly billing can be utilized. Please note, not all IP work can be billed at a flat fee. 


Please contact the firm for more information on flat fee options, including trademark and other intellectual property packages.