Areas of Practice


  • Clearance searches in U.S. and abroad to determine potential trademark conflicts

  • U.S., state and foreign registration of trademarks

  • Trademark counseling and strategy

  • Trademark renewal and mainteance



  • Copyright registration and protection

  • Establishment of workplace policies which maintain employer copyright ownership


Corporate IP Portfolio Management

  • Manage and maintain all aspects of corporate IP portfolios

  • Maintenance of registered trademarks and patents

  • Payment of maintenance fess

  • Renewal of patents and trademarks



  • Design and simple mechanical patent applications

  • Patent portfolio maintenance 


Trade Secret

  • Protection of secret and valuable buiness information such as formulas, techniques, client lists, or processes

  • Draft documents such as confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, and exit interview forms which help ensure that your confidential business information remains protected



  • Draft contracts for IP licensing 


New Business and Entrepreneurial Overview 

  • Recognize, analyze and organize intellectual property assets belonging to your business

  • Understand your unique intellectual property needs


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